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Welcome to Currency Shop – the best place to compare the best foreign exchange rates on the market.  No matter whether you are emigrating, going on holiday, have regular payments you need to send to family or any other reason for exchanging currency, we can help save you money.


If you are moving abroad and have a substantial sum of money that needs transferring into another currency then you are going to want to get the very best exchange rate possible.  Rates can vary drastically depending upon the broker you use. For example the difference between the most competitive brokers and a high street bank can vary by up to 6%.  To put this into context, on a transfer of £100,000 from GBP into US Dollars, this can be the difference of £6000.  Getting the best foreign exchange rate could be the most important thing you do.

Going on holiday?

Many high street bureaus and banks advertise 0% commission on their currency transfers but don’t let this fool you.  Although, technically they are not charging commission, they charge a very wide spread which is the difference between the interbank rate (what they get the currency for) and what they sell it to you at.  Essentially this spread is the same as a commission and means more money out of your pocket.

Need to send regular payments abroad? 

Many people have commitments abroad such as mortgage payments and child support or perhaps they have emigrated and need to receive their pensions payments in their new country.  There are various ways you can go about doing this including ad-hoc bank transfers, bulk transfers or regular payments.  Check out our guide to regular payments to find out what the best option is for you

Own a business?

The majority of business owners send money around the world using their banks or PayPal.  There are many more cost effective ways to go about sending and receiving payments from clients or business partners.  These methods can help save businesses vast sums of money that could be better used by paying to hire new staff, for new equipment or anything else that adds value.   A business that sends one million pounds a year into foreign currency could save themselves tens of thousands of pounds by using a reputable foreign exchange broker rather than their bank.

Whatever the reason you need to send money overseas, we can help you  compare the foreign exchange market and potentially save you large sums of money.

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