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Welcome to Best Exchange Rates!  We are a leading foreign exchange rate comparison website who’s main goal is to help you get the best deal on your travel money or foreign transfer.  We compare all the top providers in real time so you can see who is offering the best deal so you can save money.

Let’s use an example that explains how much money can be saved by shopping around.  The Jones family and Mr Humphries are each looking to emigrate with their life savings of £250,000.  The Jones’s decide to use their bank to facilitate the transfer and the bank takes a spread (margin) of 5% on the exchange which gives the bank a tasty £12,500 profit.  On top of this the bank also charge a fee of £50 to cover admin costs.  Mr  Humphries has done his research and realises banks are very expensive, shops around and finds a broker willing to exchange while charging a spread of 0.7% ( a very realistic spread).  This means Mr Humphries has in an around-about-way been charged  £1750.   His broker also waived the admin fee.  The Jones’s therefore begin their overseas adventure £10,800 worse off than Mr Humphries -a  figure that they could also have saved by simply comparing broker rates.

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