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Currency UK Review

Speed of Service
Value for Money
Customer Service

Basic Information

Currency UK are a foreign exchange broker based in London, England. Since their founding in 2000 Currency UK have become one of the UK’s largest brokerages, transferring hundreds of millions of pounds worth of currency for businesses and individuals alike.

The brokerage have been referenced and quoted repeatedly in the British press, with feature articles being published in The Telegraph, Daily Express, The Observer and, perhaps most impressively, the Financial Times.

Spreads, Commissions & Fees

Because Currency UK monitor the currency rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have some of the best traders in the industry working for them they are able to offer you the most competitive rates on the market.

For your peace of mind all funds ‘in transit’ are held by the worlds biggest bank, HSBC. Additionally they are regulated by the Financial Services Authority as well as being members of both the Association of International Property Professionals and the Offshore Financial Trade Association.

Customer Service

Currency UK offer some of the best customer service that we have seen from any brokerage. Their staff are on hand during extended business hours of 8am to 6:30pm via telephone or email, while accepting postal mail for those that prefer to keep all correspondence in writing. Our emails were responded to within one business day, with a complete resolution to our problem being offered within 24 hours of initial contact. Telephone, for obvious reasons, offers the fastest way of getting a response. Our call was answered instantly by a polite, friendly and helpful customer service representative who then passed us onto a broker who made us a competitive rate after listening to our criteria.

Ease of Use

We found Currency UK to be extremely easy to deal with. After making the initial call to get the ball rolling, so to speak, they took the lead and guided us through the process of completing our transfer. Once we had agreed on the price with one of their dealers and the destination of the funds they made it happen, even offering us the option of one of their bilingual customer service representatives calling the recipient to make sure the funds had been received. Highly impressive.

Final Verdict

Currency UK offer extremely competitive rates, exceptional customer service and a streamlined service. The fact that you can get everything arranged within minutes and know that the transfer will be made on your behalf within 24 hours is not only reassuring but essential in todays fast moving financial world.