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If you are emigrating to Australia or need to transfer GBP to AUD for any other reason, we can help you find the company that if offering the best rate today.  Just let us know how much you are looking to transfer and we will tell you how much the top currency brokers are exchanging at.


ProviderGBP 1000 will buy youFSACommissionBank PartnerReviewsGet a Quote
Tor FX 1118.62 EUR 0% Barclays
24 Reviews
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halo Financial 1118.28 EUR 0% Barclays
41 Reviews
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UK Forex 1117.83 EUR 0% Barclays
0 Reviews
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Currency Solutions 1117.72 EUR 0% RBS
13 Reviews
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World First 1117.15 EUR 0% Barclays
16 Reviews
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Moneycorp 1116.03 EUR 0% HSBC
8 Reviews
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Currencies Direct 1113.67 EUR 0% HSBC
22 Reviews
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Smart Currency 1113.33 EUR 0% Barclays
21 Reviews
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Voltrex FX 1112.55 EUR 0% RBS
21 Reviews
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