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Looking to transfer British Pounds (GBP) ¬†into Us Dollars (USD)? ¬†Tell us about youre requirement above and we’ll let you know the foreign exchange company offering the best rate today.

ProviderGBP 1000 will buy youFSACommissionBank PartnerReviewsGet a Quote
Tor FX 1313.23 USD 0% Barclays
24 Reviews
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halo Financial 1312.83 USD 0% Barclays
41 Reviews
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UK Forex 1312.3 USD 0% Barclays
0 Reviews
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Currency Solutions 1312.17 USD 0% RBS
13 Reviews
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World First 1311.51 USD 0% Barclays
16 Reviews
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Moneycorp 1310.19 USD 0% HSBC
8 Reviews
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Currencies Direct 1307.42 USD 0% HSBC
22 Reviews
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Smart Currency 1307.02 USD 0% Barclays
21 Reviews
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Voltrex FX 1306.1 USD 0% RBS
21 Reviews
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