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Slowdowns In Europe And China Are A New Cause For Concern

In both Europe and China, newly released data is showing that domestic economic production among other things has sharply fallen which is renewing concern in the world community.

The manufacturing numbers in China have fallen for the last three months. This is a big issue because China is seen as the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, and if there production numbers are falling, that means others are falling as well and demand is starting to slow down.

In the Euro Zone, the dominant service sectors fell this month. This is surprising because this area has always been strong and has been somewhat untouched by recent events. The fact that is has finally been touched by the economic slowdown shows that it is starting to spread and makes it even more important to get a handle on it as soon as possible.

We will have to see what future economic data says, but most people think that this is just the beginning of what could be a much larger problem, especially when it comes to China.

World Community Drops The Hammer On The Euro Zone

Leaders from various countries around the world, including Britain, Australia and Canada, have called on the Euro zone to get their financial problems under control as soon as possible. They want the EU leaders to know that the world is watching and the last thing they want is the effects of the Euro zone crisis to start being felt more drastically around the world.

This isn’t really new – everyone already knows that the EU is under an immense amount of pressure to get their situation taken care of. Many of the countries around the world who are still in pretty good economic shape have stated that they are willing to provide some additional funding to the IMF if needed to make sure the issues are taken care of in a quick manner. They are very clear that the more the Euro Zone falls, the more likely another worldwide financial recession is.

If leaders from other countries around the world that aren’t very close to the Euro Zone are starting to pledge their support and offer some financing, it becomes more clear that they are not 100% confident in the ability of the EU leadership to handle this situation on their own. They have been given adequate time to get things under control and haven’t been able to, so now it is time to try something else.

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