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The Best Way to transfer your Currency Abroad

With there being so many options on the market available to you, it might be a little bit daunting choosing the one to entrust your savings with.  Many people when they buy currency transfer hundreds of thousands of pounds, and some even millions.  In these cases it is essential that the company that is most competitive with their rates is chosen.

So now we know how important rates are, we need to think about the options we can choose from for making the transfer:

Banks.  High street banks are usually very expensive with what they charge their customers in terms of rate when they exchange currency.  They think that just because their brands are so strong, enough people will use their services regardless of the rate on offer.  Unfortunately in many cases they are absolutely right.  We would advise you to stay well away from your bank unless you are a special case and are offered a preferential rate due to your high worth.  The average Joe, probably like you and me should certainly consider other options.

High Street Bureaus.  There is an abundance of companies on the high street that will claim to offer you exceptional rates on your transfers.  Not only do the post office, Marks and Spencer and even supermarkets claim to provide you with the best deal but many other bureaus do too.  Again, like with the banks, we would stay well clear of such claims.

Specialist Foreign Exchange Companies.  If you are looking for the best foreign exchange rates then the best way you are going to get this is through a specialist dealer.  There are many great FSA regulated companies out there like Money corp, Currencies Direct and Travelex that will undercut the competition considerably, leaving you with much more money in your pocket.

After spending many years studying foreign exchange transfers, we would certainly suggest shopping around when you buy currency to find the best foreign exchange currency rates

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