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Tor FX Review

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Tor FX Review

Basic Information

While Tor FX is still somewhat small in terms of transaction size, they are still one of the fastest growing foreign exchange brokers in the UK. Last year, they completed transactions worth over 600 million pounds for over 20,000 clients. They have over 60 employees and are growing at a rapid pace. Since they work on an over-the-phone style system, you can be sure that you will get the personal attention you deserve for every transaction you complete. If you make foreign exchange trades frequently and like to use an online platform, Tor FX may not be right for you. Otherwise, they are a great choice.


Tor FX operates on a 0% commission and no fee structure. This means that the rate they quote you is the rate you get. What’s even better is the fact that Tor FX can usually beat the major bank rates by around 5%, or even more sometimes. This kind of savings can’t be matched anywhere else.

Customer Service

Since almost all of Tor FXs business is done over the phone, they have made it a priority of theirs to hire some of the best foreign exchange specialists around. If they offered an online platform, like many of their competitors do, they could easily hire some mediocre customer service reps and get away with it. But, this is not the case here – the reps handle the transactions, so they need to know their stuff. What does this mean for you? It means that your whole experience is top notch, every time.

Ease Of Use

Tor FX is very easy to use. Once you have an account open, which only takes a few minutes, all you have to do is call your foreign exchange specialist and let them know the details of your deal. They will take care of everything else, guiding you through the whole deal. You really need to know nothing about foreign exchange to have an easy time working with Tor FX – they take care of everything!

Final Verdict

Even though Tor FX doesn’t offer an online platform like many of their competitors, they still offer a great service for people who don’t need to make transactions on a regular basis. Since most of their business is done over the phone, you can bet that they spend their time hiring some of the best specialists around! Give them a call and you will see exactly what is meant by this!

How Do I Get Started Using Tor FX?

Getting started with Tor FX is quick and easy – all you have to do is go to their website, fill out a simple form, and that’s it. The whole process takes almost no time! Once you have opened your account, you can give the Tor FX team a call whenever you need to make a transaction and they will guide you through the process. While Tor FX doesn’t really offer an online platform like most others do, it isn’t a very big deal – their transaction process is just as easy!